The Random Textbox Inputs Government

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The Random Textbox Inputs government (Or RTI government) ran from June-August 2006. It is the first non-moderate government and has been one of the most controversial and transitional time periods in Liberalian history.

These included the War on MOIS Norad/Spying situation, the Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium trial, and the departure or banning of several older members, some who had been there from the beginning.

Some have considered this a transition from "Old Liberalia" to "New Liberalia". However, RTI has also recieved praise from Liberalians for combatting the situation and ending the rather bumpy term off well.

[edit] Election

As the RTI government became one of the most controversial in history, the election was the complete opposite. Many considered the June 2006 elections to be the "Most Boring and Predictable" election ever. In a big contrast to the April of 06' elections, which included a huge competition between capitalist candidate Julio Trigman and Moderate candidate Carops (eventually leading to a very close 19-15 result in Carops favor), this had RTI of the socialist party vs. Haelhan of the Monster Raving Looney Party, who had announced his running very close to elections.

Due to what some described as Haelhan's "Non-existing agenda/campaign", there were hardly any debates or competition, some Liberalians queried whether Haelhan was serious but he had based his policies on the real life Monster Raving Looney party in the United Kingdom. [1]

In the biggest win in election history, RTI won the vote by 18-1.

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